Every mum knows that raising kids doesn’t come cheap – kids are a lot more expensive that you would think. There’s just so much to pay for, from the household bills to daycare and kid’s clothes, life as a mum is incredibly expensive. It doesn’t matter how much you’re earning either; there’s always something else that has to be paid for.

This means that it’s far too easy for our homes to get neglected because all of our spare money goes on our little ones and things that they need. However, what it’s important to realise is that just because money is a little tight, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep you home looking nice. It’s just a case of being creative and doing a little out of the box thinking.

Below is a selection of decor hacks that will allow you to update your home on a tiny budget. Take note, and you can create the most amazing home without breaking the bank.

Upcycle old furniture

If the furniture in your home has started to look a little dated or worse for wear, you most probably want to change it. Obviously, if money is tight, then the chances are that you can’t afford to do that. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with furniture that looks outdated or worn – the answer is upcycling it. Believe it or not, upcycling old furniture is much easier than you would think. For wooden pieces it’s just a case of sanding them down and then applying a new coat or paint or varnish, as well as new handles, should you want to. For an old sofa that’s started to sag, upcycling means replacing the cushion foam, re-varnishing the legs, and reupholstering it – it might be time-consuming, but the end results will make these types of projects more than worthwhile.

Upgrade your tables with tablecloths

A quick and easy way to upgrade your tables is to stick a new tablecloth over them. It might seem too simple but you would be amazed at how much difference popping a new tablecloth over a table can make. It’s a cheap and easy fix and one that tends to work well.

Paint your window frames

To give your window frames a style boost, consider painting them. While you could paint them all the same colour, painting the middle of the frames in a darker colour can help to create a stylish contrast, creating a more elegant look. If you’re going to paint your windows, just make sure that you cover the glass with tape, to prevent any paint staining it.

Home Decor Tips

Accent walls are fantastic for adding style

An effective and affordable way to add style to your home and change up the look and feel of it is to add an accent wall to each room – or at least, to a couple of rooms. The great thing about accent walls is that they are affordable to create, as it’s just one area of the room that needs decorating. There are plenty of ideas for accent walls on sites like Pinterest – so if you need inspiration, have a browse. As well as using paint to create an accent wall, you could also consider using wallpaper, tiles, or even piece of wall art or photo frames. Get creative, come up with some ideas, and pick the most suitable one for each room.

See, being on a budget doesn’t have to mean you can’t have a beautiful home, it’s just a case of doing some out of the box thinking, that’s all.

How do you create a beautiful space on a tight budget??


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