Netflix & Chill just got sexier

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, no I am not ready either, and a lot of us are in panic mode. I mean who wouldn’t be?! We have to think about getting things for the kids classes, cause Pinterest told us to. We have to magically get our kids to create these “items of love” in a probably unloving way, you know what I mean… constant, harsh nagging to complete 20+ Valentine’s for their classmates. Once you get that far you now have to think of gifts for them, then you have to find the time to get something or your partner.

Of course with your partner being your soul source of sanity in the home, you want to show them how much you love them.

But you are tired, you’ve had zero time (especially since I just reminded you about all the valentines you need to make) and you are exhausted and probably a Sasquatch after a week of yelling at the kids to do their Valentines.

Being a mom is not glamorous most days, so maybe just cut yourself some slack this year and plan a Valentine’s night in cause Netflix & Chill just got sexier thanks to me and my perfect Netflix and Adore Me sexy gear pairings. PERFECT for a relaxing and sexy time in – even if that sexy time is all by yourself.

Now to get this Netflix & Chill night in perfect for your Valentine’s Day there are a few things to think about like:

What are you going to watch to get you in the mood?
What are you going to wear to get HIM in the mood or just be sexy-comfy by yourself??

Thank goodness I have put some thought into this creating the perfect pairings of Movies/TV to binge on Netflix and Lingerie from Adore Me, one of my fav online sexy underwear spots!

Mr. Right

For the couple that loves funny, extreme adventure with a side of sexy times! This is a great idea for a night in with a hubby who isn’t fond of the traditional Romantic movies being dished out during this time of year. It is action packed and trust me is a girl pleaser too staring the brilliant and gorgeous Anna Kendrick and the darkly hilarious Sam Rockwell. This means you need to get sexy and a little wacky with your Lingerie choice which is why I suggest the Issie OR the classic Flirty Nurse. One that really screams Anna Kendrick at the beginning of the movie and another that totally expresses her new found wild self. They’re the perfect pairings!

Netflix & Chill

Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy, Valentine’s Day Special

Maybe you are a couple that loves to snuggle up, but need a little extra help getting busy *winky face*. Netflix thankfully totally has you covered with Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy, Valentine’s Day special that you can watch starting February 7th. This classically sexy setup will need a classically Scarlettsexy outfit to match which makes the Scarlett an ideal look to get those engines revving. Red, black, a little silk bow make the perfect match to a sultry night hosted by Michael Bolton.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Now maybe this year you don’t have a lovey dovey significant other to spend the evening with but you still want to have a Valentine’s Day. I mean you don’t need another person to have a nice night to yourself and your Netflix account right?? So why not make an occasion of it and get something super comfy cute you can wear around the house! The Amelie is my favorite looks cute, feels cute kinda get up. It is impossibly cute and of course in my all time favorite slimming black. Which makes it the cutest pairing to go with a feel good and content movie like Under the Tuscan Sun. A classic movie that really shows you how to appreciate the little things, give you a good cry and make you want to go on an adventure. Maybe watch I’ll See You In My Dreams which is another good one.


Netflix & Chill

Now if you know me you know that I love David Tennant so it is no surprise that Casanova would be on my Netflix sexy time binge list. The wild tales and his sexy mischievous smile are always there to entertain your wildest dreams. Plus the clothes, the clothing always classically beautiful and sometimes a little wild. Which is why Courtny would be the best choice for a night of teasing and fooling around. With its old fashion feel you will fit right into the mood and time frame of Casanova.


For the dark romantics I have something perfect: Focus. A wild adventure that tests all the limits showcasing a great cast. Will Smith and Margot Robbie are a classic pair and take you for a ride for sure. It is all ups and downs and I loved it which is why I paired it with my favorite sexy choice the Whitley in green and beyond beautiful. Just like Margot: beyond beautiful.

So all that is left to say is what will you be wearing the next time you “Netflix & Chill”?



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