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My hubby and I have been through a lot together and this year has been a major test to our stress levels. We have been up to our eyeballs in stress this past month, both moving and health wise, and it has really managed to take a toll on our relationship. We have failed to find time to bond and be close to one another for a while and we have needed a real way to connect deeply again.

Find one another again amongst the chaos of our lives.

We need time to slow down and stop together and just be still and connected.

But when you are so stressed and time is so short how on earth do you find that time?

This is where I was having a hard time too, there are only so many movies nights a couple can have and those weren’t creating that connection I wanted us to feel again. So I need to start digging for something better, something deeper. That’s when something popped into my email inbox that was perfect, something that was right up my hubby and I’s alley.

What were they?!

Online couples massage courses, something we can both do together, alone and completely at our own pace. We found these great guided step by step videos that are very in depth and very approachable. Denis takes you along all the perfect steps and techniques you need to have that perfect moment. With his down to earth tips and reassurances towards your own abilities he really sets you up for success.

Starting with tips on simple things you would overlook: like how your bed may not be the best surface, and which oils to choose. His suggestions are all key to creating the best experience for your night of massages and inevitable romance.

So that is exactly what we decided to do. After taking a night to watch our material and do some practice we made a date for a sweet Sunday evening of pure bliss. We picked out our music, set up our area on the living room floor for ample space and support, got our oils ready and put our new found skills to the test.

Couples Massage Denis makes following along so simple with his in depth tutorials you will easily learn how to “make your partner melt”, as he says. Once you get to his final Couples Massage routine (that you can watch both with and without his commentary) you are a pro and probably pretty close to your way to the bedroom.

Remember though this is about connecting on a deeper more intimate level so hold off and really enjoy the moment, enjoy that peaceful togetherness as you enjoy a wonderful massage.

Trust me it is beyond heaven and it will be a date night in that you wont soon forget believe you me.

For those simple days when you just want to treat your partner to a little TLC you have to check out his foot massage tutorials. This is where we first started to fool around with his tutorials. Since we have been moving all week we were both sore and in need of some love so we tossed on his course on foot massage and sat on the couch with each others feet in our laps enjoying a little practice and much needed relief.

Tell me have you ever tried couples massage to help connect again??

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  1. What a great idea!

    I have to admit I am awful at giving massages and my wife isn’t shy to say so lol!

  2. do you think someone with weak wrists could manage this routine without pain or with very little??

  3. Why not on the bed?? I usually always do it that way!! granted it probably leads to other things faster than it should!

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