Do you see your little ones playing video games with enthusiasm and think about your childhood? Video games and mobile gaming applications seem like they have been specifically targeted at kids and teens, but there are a number of online games you can play and enjoy as a mum too. Give them a try and see how easy it then gets to relax and wind
down after a long day of work:
1. Puzzles
Be aware that these games are highly addictive once you get the hang of them. There are several games that have soothing and calm interfaces to provide players with a meditative experience. If you are inclined to the other side, you can choose from the wide variety of bright and funky puzzle games too. These games require very less of learning to get started and you develop as a player the more you play the game.
2. Old-school
The old school games that we used to play as kids, or saw other people play are now converted into mobile applications and they are rocking it! You can sit with your friends and family and have a game of bingo or slots at, or play heads up by heading over to ellenTV. Some of these games not only provide the fun but can also help you win some extra cash.
3. The Action scene
Games like Her Story take you right into the action scene where there are no men steering the game around, contrary to what sadly happens in most action games in popular culture. Pick up your phone and check out some women centred action games to get your fix on some great and engaging content. I have always been a huge fan of great female centered games like the last Assasin’s Creed Syndicate, or any of the tomb radars, and of course Portal to name another few great ones.
So get on your devices and download some of these great games to have fun!

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