So last night I went to see Wicked!!! IT WAS SOOO AMAZING!! I can’t even tell you how great it was no words, just see it.  I can’t tell you anything there is no point nothing I can say would do it justice at all.  BUT I can show you the one picture I got there before I got yelled at for taking pictures, point is you can see how amazing our tickets were!

Isn’t that amazing?!??!  It was truly amazing!

I had an amazing time with my old high school gf and her mom.  We got to catch up lots and that was SOOOO fun.  I really miss those ladies, especially her mother whom I never appreciated as a teen.  She wasn’t the nicest to me back then, but it went both ways I guess lol.  Anyways BOTH ladies looked divine, and we all had a great time together!  But for the moment you are all waiting for!! Remember those gifts that I got for them as a thank you?? 

Well now I can finally show you what the gifts where!!! I had a really hard time finding gifts that were related to Wicked but i think I did a great job and they LOVED them!!

I got all of us green scarves, with a personalized mirror from paper and press the etsy shop!  I also threw in a handmade lollipop as some filler.  You know lollipop guild and all lol, it was a stretch but since Elphaba is from munchkin land it worked well in my eyes lol!!

So if you haven’t seen Wicked do it.  No excuses you have to see it!  I hope all of you have a GREAT Wednesday!

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  1. I haven’t seen it yet, looks like you had an awesome night!

  2. SO jealous! I doubt we’ll get to go this time around 🙁
    Totally had me guessing some wine in those bags!

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