This past weekend, as you know from my previous post, I was excited to be heading out and getting the chance to talk one on one with some of the lovely local ranching families raising our meat!  Not to mention I was also getting a chance to go head over to my old work location and really have myself a great shopping day.  Honestly I was a parent on vacation in a grocery store… living proof that meme is no lie!
Walking into the entrance of the store I see this…. clearly I was in the right place!
walking through the produce section I even spotted this, some of the best display marketing I have seen in a while!
local ranchers getting to know their customers and help teach them a thing or two!
Great prices, apparently the cheapest they have been in FOUR years!!  They made a FANTASTIC dinner might I add!

Spending an hour getting to know the great family at this location was so lovely, such a lovely couple living the life and spreading the joy.   Here is hoping that I actually convinced the lovely wife to start blogging up a storm, trust me you have sooo much to share with the world they would eat your blog up!!

It was super nice to be able to get an insiders view on the life of a rancher, they had so much to share and they were so happy to do it.  They really truly wanted you to get to know all the ins and outs of the process and you all know how much I like Overwaitea for how they package and display their product, something these ranchers are very proud to be feeding all of us.

It really goes puts into perspective just how much love and effort goes into what we eat each night and it isn’t just the love we’ve given the food.  You know what, love is the best ingredient and these guys know how to marinate every moment in it from beginning to end.  I like that, bottom line.  So thank you guys for doing what you do and loving it, I really hope you get that long overdue trip you have been dreaming of!!



  1. I love all the ads these days showing the farmers behind the food and the ranchers that raise the cows that give us the beef. I find them very effective. I eat a lot more red meat in the summer for sure. (*BBQ season and so on ) Great post.

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