Soo yesterday I went to a wedding It was lots of fun, since i’m so swamped this weekend with fathers day and the like I am just going to throw up a few pictures from the wedding last night!

Prom Dresses UK
first dance.


first dance.


windows @ st. helen’s!


loftus clan in one pew
The first dance…. again…


my super handsome hubby… MMMmmm yummy shoulders hunny! xoxo


wedding party dress
The bride, her brother, her mother and new hubby


our table (everything was handmade by the couple!)


cake pops, wedding cake flavour so its like you get to take a piece home!! They also had a “candy bar” for everyone!  Hubby loved that, and so did his dad lol.


The dance floor and main table, the view from our table.


My handsome man again… rare i can get a face shot lol!!!  His little sister is the blonde on the left there.


my SIL, her bf, my MIL and FIL


the decor


the view everyone had of deer lake from the tent GORGEOUS!


my MIL, My FIL


my SIL, my MIL


handmade table setting.


the cake!


more cake!


just when you didn’t think you could get enough cake!!


everyone at our table, minus hubby and myself.


more family with MIL and FIL




wedding party, maid of honor, bride, groom, best man


just sitting down!


enjoying the speeches


giving us some love!


the hart house, our venue!


family again if you don’t know who these are too bad i’m tried of typing…


recently widowed grandfather to my hubby chatting up another lady 🙂


centerpiece @ our table

I hope you all have a lovely father’s day!  I am at home right now with a puking child… great…

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  1. Beautiful photos–such a happy looking couple!

  2. As someone who just got engaged and is planning for a wedding it is comforting to see that people really do make table decorations and favors!

  3. wow how fun and lovely!!!! I love a good weekend wedding! thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!!

    -Heather from

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