New Years Eve… a time where so many get together, drink far too much and become magnets for drama throughout the evening. At least this is how New Years Eve has always gone for me in the past. This is why I no longer go out anymore, this is why this year I am doing something a little different.

I am throwing a kids babysitting party for any and all parents in need on New Years Eve. That’s right. I got it into my crazy head to host a tonne of kids in my house for dinner, dessert, and a big breakfast in the morning. I even got the wild idea to allow pickups the next day as late as noon so any of the parents can sleep in, go out to brunch ALONE or whatever they like.

A sweet deal for all who do so.

But now I will have to entertain these little minions and I am not sure how… thankfully Netflix has my back for tonight.

Each year Netflix likes to make it easy for parents to get celebrate with their kids and then get them off to bed all before midnight. They have a BUNCH of different countdowns that you can trigger at anytime for you and your family. You can make midnight at 9pm or you can make it at 10pm or heck if you are exhausted do it at 7pm! They make it so easy to give the kids what they want AND make sure you don’t pass out before the kids. Something that usually happens when hubby and I have, in the past, decided to let the kids wait up till actual midnight.

Needless to say that is something we never have to endure again thanks to Netflix.


Since we have become HUGE fans of Trollhunters since Netflix released it, I know for a fact we will be enjoying a Troll filled New Years Eve. Especially since I also downloaded that new Trolls movie for the kids to enjoy before our Trollhunters countdown.

It is going to be a fun night and I hope that all the kids have a great time. After all when Netflix is in control you are always bound for an awesome time!

How are you celebrating the New Year?

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