Swear Jar

After the holidays my kids made it really clear that they needed a lesson when it comes to acting ungrateful for the things that they have in life. To be honest both their father and myself have grown tired of having to compensate for my kids ungrateful attitudes when they receive things. They have been testing us more and more lately as well now that they getting older.

My youngest has a bit of a swearing problem. He can bite his tongue really well and just chooses to use this language in the house in a mean natured way. Granted I can’t really talk since I have a bad enough mouth but the point is he has been too liberal lately and he needs to bite his tongue more often than he has been.

This is why I came up with this marvelous idea of putting a twist on the traditional Swear Jar idea. I mean it isn’t like my kids have money to go putting into a swear jar am I right? Which is why I had this great idea: each time any of my children swear they are to go to our new awesome Swear Jar and pull out a chore. This means that each time they swear something in my house gets a little cleaner.

You seeĀ a win, win for all of us parents!

The best part is, that they can’t use these chores as part of their allowance collection at the end of each week. They hold NO money value to cash in after a week like their other chores. Which essentially turns this into a “chore jar” and turns my house into a slightly cleaner one. Or at least one where little kids don’t swear.

But how do you make one?? SIMPLE

Swear Jar

Step One

Find a nice mason jar.

Step Two

Cut small pieces of paper and write as many chores ideas on them as possible, repeat the ones you know they can do well, quickly and that you dislike doing! No point to this otherwise is there?

Step Three

Put papers inside jar, place jar in universally reached area. Wait for swearing.

At least learn to swear in moderation if they have to do so. I mean we can’t expect them to be perfect when we aren’t correct?

Do you use a Swear Jar in your house?


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