The holidays are here and if you are lucky enough that means that at some point you will be given the opportunity to literally sit on your butt and do a whole bunch of beautiful nothing while you melt away in front of Netflix and start that Netflix Binge. Binge-watching Netflix is one of the few selfish things I do purely for myself when I can’t leave the house because of a symptom called: children.

Of course the Christmas holidays and all this actual snow here in Vancouver binge-watching has become so common that I have officially turned it into a classy art form.

That’s right, I have made Netflix binge-ing a classy affair… well as classy as any mom can get after a long day of being with the kids, and being exhausted trying to prepare for Christmas. But regardless I have your must do guide for a classy night of binge watching Netflix.

Step one

Ensure you have classy jammies on. I know, I know easier said than done. Find your best, sexiest jammies.. you know the one pair you have that matches and that doesn’t have holes. Throw that beauty on.

Step two

Gather your most luxuriously soft blanket. The one blanket you have with no stains, spit up or smell of “children”. If such a blanket even exists in your house get curled up with it. If it doesn’t febreeze your next best option.

Step three

Snacks: You need something fancy. You need something indulgent. You need more than just sandwich crusts or the last 1/4 of a chip bag. You need something with CHOCOLATE. Go to the cupboards and find it, hunt it out like the chocolate blood hound that you are. Even if you have to dive into a bag of “classy” chocolate chips you have been saving for that cookie batch that wont get done in time for the holidays.

Step four

Peace. Send the kids away, send the hubby away send them all away. The only way you can enjoy a classy night to yourself without hindering your experience is to find a way to lock them all out. Curl up in bed with your kid free scented blanket and actual matching jammies and hide. Don’t let them in no matter how hard they beg, use headphones their pleas for help will not be your issue for this one night of binge watching.

Step five

Gather together your adult only holiday watching list. You know the list of things you want to enjoy without having to worry about little eyes or annoying husbands to complain about what you are watching.


I have you covered on that too; this is my must watch holiday binge list:

  1. The OA – this should be at the top of you list, you need to see this and I refuse to tell you a thing about it. Just watch it.
  2. Sing Street – if you love 80s music and want to watch something fun this is a great choice. Set in Dublin too so you also get the bonus of Irish Accents.
  3. Black Mirror – though this may create a massive fear of social media and all technology it is a great show filled with incredible twists.
  4. Sunshine on Leith – another great Irish musical that showcases songs from greats like the proclaimers that centers around three couples trying to find their way. This was a super unexpected find that I just LOVED
  5. No Tomorrow – if you need a laugh and a reason to go after things you wouldn’t normally this is the show to watch. It is so cute, so fun and the leads are just too cute to be true.
  6. Spectral – this is a trip and a good one, check it out: are they ghosts? aliens? you will see!
  7. Dirk Gently – Find this, watch this, love this. It is like a dr. who murder detective show and I love it AND it is filmed in Vancouver. It is a must watch hands down!

And that ladies is how you binge watch with class over the holidays.

Tell me what will you be binge watching?


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