This Christmas my family and I are trying our best to come up with some really great gift ideas for my boys. With each year that passes my boys lists start to get more and more practical. Usually I have to be the one to look into ideas for them to get excited about. Which is why this little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan got super excited when she found this amazing toy: the remote controlled Skateboarding Mickey toy by JAKKS Pacific Canada!

Mickey can do so many awesome things including getting up on his own when he falls over, doing one foot spins and even pulling off 360’s! On top of all that he has 20 different sounds and a really fun nun-chuck remote controller plus a great skateboard. This guy can even do some 720’s and wheelies – my kids are going to love him.

The best part about skateboarding mickey??


He is a really durable toy that I know my boys are going to be able to go buck wild with and I wont have to worry about it only lasting for 72 hours. Mickey is a goofy guy that I can’t wait to surprise my boys with this Christmas. This guy can be found exclusively at Wal-Mart and he has even been apart of a price rollback which makes him an even better deal right now!


If you have a TMNT fan in your house like I do (not just me who is the old school fan, I swear) then this is a great gift to put under your tree this year and in your letter to Santa. A durable, toy that is great for keeping your kiddos entertained for longer than two hours. Promise.

Tell me which Ninja Turtle is your favorite??


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