Playing the lottery has made a great many people extremely rich and it has offered them a chance to change their lives for the better. In this article, we will focus on mothers who have managed the impossible and won the lottery. We will tell you seven amazing stories about mothers whose lives have changed forever after they have won the lottery.

Pearlie Smith

Pearlie Smith had a dream about the winning numbers for the Powerball lottery and she decided to take a chance and use them. Instead of anniversaries, lucky numbers, or computer-generated numbers, she played the numbers in her dream and, much to her surprise, she won the $429.6 million jackpot.

Pearlie is a mother of seven, so her family got a fresh start to life after that lucky Powerball draw. They opted for the $284 million cash option and they decided to divide the money equally among themselves. The Smith family realized that their big win would change them, but they were hopeful that it will be a change for the better. You can play the lottery online and maybe you will be a winner yourself.

Marie Holmes

Marie Holmes is a single mother of four and she has struggled for most of her life to support her family. But after all the years of tireless effort, Marie got her big break in 2015, when she won a whopping $188 million in the US Powerball. She said that she intends to donate to her local church and set up college funds for her four children so that they have a fair chance at a first-rate education.


Unfortunately for Marie, her lucky strike was followed by several unpleasant moments, as she had to bail her boyfriend out of jail as many as three times only in the past year. Hopefully, her luck will chance for the better in the future so that she gets the chance to enjoy her new fortune.

Kelsey Zachow

Friday the 13th turned out to be an extremely lucky day for Kelsey Zachow, a 24-year-old single mom who won $66 million in the Mega Millions lottery. Kelsey was working two jobs before her big break to support her children and her boyfriend, who had been laid off for over a year prior to the win.

But Kelsey never stopped believing that one day she would become a millionaire, and so she bought lottery tickets twice a week, every week for five years. Her patience finally paid off in a very big way, as she won the staggering $66 million jackpot. She plans to buy a new home for her family and to set up college funds for her children and the other young members of her family.

Thuan Le

Thuan Le won a whopping $14 million in the SuperLotto and it was all by mistake. She used to buy tickets every week and one day she put $6 instead of the required $5 in the lottery ticket machine. Instead of getting her dollar back, she decided to buy an extra lottery ticket, which ended up winning her $14 million.

Thuan is the single mother of four and she has worked all her life to support her children. Her sons helped her through the collection process of her legendary win and they were all surprised to hear that their mother was the big winner. Thuan plans to use the money she has won to visit her parents in Vietnam and buy a new house. The rest of her plans will come from other fortunate last-minute decisions.

Lacey Katona

Lacey Katona got a very lucky break when she won an impressive $5 million in a scratch-off lottery game. One very lucky ticket made her a multimillionaire in a matter of seconds. Lacey is the mother of three and she decided not to tell her children about their big win just yet, as they are much too young to understand what happened.

But Lacey said that she feels truly blessed and that while she doesn’t have concrete plans for the money at the moment, she is extremely grateful for the financial independence that her family now has thanks to their big win.

Laura Nunez

Laura Nunez won $1.4 million in the Powerball lottery back in 2014. Overwhelmed by her unexpectedly lucky break, she said that she plans to buy her very own home and to spoil her young daughter, who was 5 at the time.


She also said that helping her family would be one of her priorities and that she does not want to be the only one to benefit from this enormous win. Laura and her daughter now have the chance to make their dreams come true and hope for a better future.

Sophia Andrade

Sophia Andrade’s story is one about the immense power of generosity. Sophia, the single mother of three won $200 in the lottery and decided to give away her winnings to a homeless man she saw on the street one cold winter day.

She used the money to book him a room in a motel for a few days. She also created a GoFundMe page to raise more money for him. She managed to gather $5,000 for him, which made all the difference in the world to the man. Other members of the community followed Sophia’s example and offered the man services and goods, which eventually gave him a fresh new start.

Hopefully, these seven stories about mothers who have won the lottery will serve as a source of inspiration for you. Remember that it only takes one lucky lottery ticket to turn your life around and become a millionaire. Take a chance and play the lottery once in a while and maybe you can be the next big winner.

I can honestly say that my husbands family has TWO lottery winners in it! Both his parents won way back when he was just a thought, which is why they managed to buy a house as young parents. Then to top it off his uncle won in 2008. I am not sure if they have any luck left in the family but trust me I have my fingers crossed for us!

When was the last time you played the lottery??



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