When I was a teenager I loved Gilmore Girls, it was one of my favorite shows going up. Being a complete drama nerd the high speed banter they could throw out was always an impressive thing to me. It was a source of great joy for me which is why I was so happy when Netflix decided to bring it back. Thinking about those days where I would gush and binge on Gilmore Girls really brings back good memories for me.

Memories of hanging out with good friends, memories of slumber parties with all the perfect nibble to accompany a good night of girly TV. Some of my best memories are those times when I got to just be a silly girly kid with nothing better to do than watch TV and worry about what Rory had going on in her life. Little did I know that I would soon become a young mother not to far after I graduated from high school much like Lorelai – and like her I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Granted, like her, I didn’t expect this; but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

In fact it is rather funny to me to think that I grew up watching the show as a Rory and now that it has come back I will be able to enjoy it in a new light, as a mother, as Lorelai.


So while some of you will be watching it with friends or your mothers, I will be watching it solo; in peace chuckling to myself about how funny it is how things turned out and how marvelously. I mean I don’t live in Stars Hallow but I certainly have to count myself among the lucky few on this planet to have what I have.

Will you be hunkering down to binge Gilmore Girl’s new season?!


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