I love the holidays, it means comfort food, family and goodness being spread around for a good three months. It is a wonderful time of year. But with holidays comes cleaning and preparing for all the guests that will be coming in and out of our doors. There is so much to get done and we aren’t always on top of things just like most regular families. Which is why I am thankful for a few little secret cleaning weapons from e-cloth a great company helping families clean their homes without a single chemical.

I know you may think that is nuts but the e-cloth starter kit is one of my favorite things in the whole world. They make cleaning all of the mirrors (I have way too many for a normal person) and all my glass tables (basically every table in my house) a mindless task. Being able to just wet a cloth and wipe them all down and have them gleaming and streak free is a sanity saver.

mop004 cleaning

Then their e-cloth deep clean mop is one of my other better known secrets that helps keep my original hardwood flooring sparkling without damaging it with cleaners. These two things are how I can manage to clean my home without drowning in chemical smells and without having to worry about my cat or other guests with sensitivities. This mop takes up less room than any mop I have ever had and it is the easiest to clean by far. This is my must have for holiday cleaning. You can throw it somewhere for easy access for accidental messes or for doing a quick once around after some meal prep.

Here are some of my tips for keeping you house tidy over the holidays:

  1. Making beds can go a long way. When you make a bed in a bedroom it instantly looks 60% cleaner than it did, then fan out from there wiping down dressers, collecting garbage/dishes, hanging up clothing. Usually when I am doing this I am also using my feet to scoop and move dirty clothes on the floor into a pile I then throw down the stairs so they can make there way to the laundry room.
  2. Keep your mirrors clean ALWAYS in the bathroom. If someone has a dirty mirror when they have guests over the holidays you know they have probably skipped out on cleaning most of the rest of the bathroom. It is that finishing touch you need to always remember after you have slaved away cleaning your toilet and bathtub.
  3. Put essential oils in your vents to help spread some amazing scents when your heat turns on. It is an easy way to keep releasing those good smells and not letting those too-many-people-in-this-house smells come at you. A little peppermint in the bathroom can do wonders believe you me.
  4. Breathe. No one cares as much as you do… hopefully, its the holidays – they care more about your food tasting good rather than having an impossibly clean floor. Clean what you can and do your best – you’ll just have to do it again after they leave right?

Tell me how do you tackle the cleaning over the holidays?


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