Abigail Winzer

Christmas is coming and I already have been making some plans. I have to admit that this year is going to be a tougher year for us but I also hope it will be a more rewarding one. I hope that we make it through, get a few great things for the kids and have a bunch of fun making memories. One of my fondest memories of Christmas as a kid always revolved around music which is why I am still so picky to this day about what I play in my house. I want the classics but every year I also want to mix it up with something different each year. This year I found Abigail Winzer and her album “Rejoice”. Which is the perfect combination of new and old in my opinion.

Her heavenly voice really rings out the classics in the most soothing way. With her vocals being both Celtic and Enya-like you will be swaying while you decorate the house this year. This is an album of stunning vocal talent that will send those tingles up your spin. Doing classic justice to these favorites it is the perfect album to sing along to.

Abigail Winzer

While you sit getting cozy with your glass of egg nog this is a great album to put on while you stretch your legs and get ready for a great night sleep. Abigail Winzer does an amazing job putting you in a relaxed mood after a crazy holiday season, a way to find that peace and calm between decking the halls and trying not to burn your 30th bath of cookies. Let her soothe you into a sense of pure bliss that keeps you feeling like you are totally in control of your families holiday this year.

Even if it is hard. Even if it is chaos. One way of another there will be peace and this is a great way to ensure it.

What Christmas music do you love every year without fail?


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