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It has been a little too long since I went to this event so I am super sorry for the delay in the update in all the fun I had at Bosa Foods last month. In light of British Columbia’s Parmigiano Reggiano week Bosa Foods was kind enough to invite myself and other local media to learn more about this spectacular cheese they proudly distribute. They taught us all about the amazing process that goes into creating this super special cheese that so many of us adore.

To be totally honest they taught me a lot about these special cheese, the amazing region the milk comes from and the specific cows who create this cheesy goodness. A lot of time and love goes into each and every wheel and the taste really proves it. This is why they wanted us to experience a traditional opening – to really get a sense for it and to educate us on the process.

Bosa Foods
The great staff were even kind enough to point out that throughout the store they have a bunch of recipe resources so that you can utilize your Parmigiano-Reggiano in the best way. How to show it off using the best Italian ingredients that you can easily find throughout their store. The best fresh pastas, amazing meats and aromatic breads for DAYS. We were even treated to an amazing little lunch to prove it!

It was a great experience and I can’t brag about them enough. They have it all and even amazing gift baskets for the holidays. They have a section dedicated to kitchen items (that are impossible not to buy) to kill for. Their produce is always amazing and their staff meet you with smiles and helpful advice. Not to mention all the regulars that shop there that really make you feel welcome always quick to be talkative and friendly.

You can order with them in advance to for the holidays to make it that much easier to get your hands on the best meats and cheeses for your holiday entertaining.

Check them out online to see what’s new at Bosa Foods!



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      If you head to the bosa website you can find a bunch of different recipes, these included! The salad’s dressing was a little lemon, salt pepper, EVOO and parmigiano reggiano 😀

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