Upcycled Halloween Decoration

The other day I was hit with inspiration. I was getting in deep with Pinterest as always, getting swallowed alive by ideas and I saw this board that really caught my eye that was filled with variations on the same idea: painting wine bottles with chalkboard paint. As always I thought it would be amazing to do that one day but didn’t think much of it after that. Until it was time to plan my latest Halloween party. I realized that my last move they left behind all my blood dripped wine bottle candle holders and I was in need of a quick replacement idea. I immediately headed to my local dollar store for some inspiration and that is how I got hit with a great idea for a super quick upcycled Halloween decoration idea.

I found these amazing pack of labels that immediately made me think of this Pinterest board of chalkboard wine bottles. I snagged a pack for only a dollar and basically ran home to get started and finally use those bottles of chalkboard paint I had bought on a whim.

So here goes nothing my how to for creating this super quick upcycled Halloween decoration, hope you enjoy it!

Step One: Go to liquor store and buy wines and booze purely based off the bottle shape and cheap price. Raid recycling box you forgot to put out on time for garbage collection day last week.

upcycled halloween decoration

Step Two: Once fully empty, soak and wash off labels to ensure a clear pure surface. Dry.

Step Three: Get out your paint, a paper plate or anything to pour your paint into, some paper towel and a paintbrush.

upcycled halloween decoration

Step Four: Paint several coats, letting each layer dry fully in between. To help see when you are done simply hold your bottle up to a light, if you see through it in places you need another coat.

Step Five: Once fully dry take your amazing dollar store spooky bottle labels and throw them on! The best part is that the stick to these isn’t terribly strong so you can easily peal them off without leaving marks and use them for something else any other time of year!

But they sure do look amazing all on their own! What would you use these for??





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