I have to admit that I had no idea you could purchase ANYTHING from Canada post!  But you can people you really can and I only just found this out.  After being sucked in by their camera selection I could stop.  I was clearly hooked and there was no longer any hope for me or my sanity.  They have EVERYTHING and every brand, you click on it and BOOM you’re being re-directed to that companies website and product spot, and they manage to do it pretty quickly depending on the company they are re-rooting to.

There are other great features to browsing at Sony Canada.  They have every brand listed and at the cheaper prices available.  Almost like they have gone out and decided to go shopping for you and list all the best prices JUST for you.  That is super special and I love being able to choose by brand.  There are some brands that have just never failed me and ones that I know I really don’t like whether it is their style or a bad experience.  
Their photo base is great and is really great at portraying exactly what amazing features each and every product seems to have.   As I said before I was really surprised that they even offered any form of shopping at all but i can definitely say that I’ll be taking my time browsing around for little things lol.  
Don’t worry they have more than just electronics you can search virtually any type of product; though they have a small baby, kids etc section.  But who wants to go shopping for them anyways?!?!  You should take the time just this once to purchase what YOU want lol.  A small treat just for mum and dad!  MUMFECTION!  
In other news I am pleased to announce that I will be starting some GREAT giveaways in the future so HORAY!! for Canada post being off strike so that I can finally start receiving the things that I needed for all these giveaways to even begin in the first place.  We went soo long without mail and I am so happy that they’re back to work again. 
Have a great Thursday all, this will be my Friday this week!  ~WAVES~

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