Today marks the last day that I will ever age. You heard me. Today is my twenty-ninth birthday and officially the last age I agree to turn. I am to be twenty-nine forever, and I hope it will be as marvelous as it sounds. So, in order to ring in this holiest of days, I have decided to share with you a great new beer from Stanley Park Brewery. The Foghorn brew they have out for the Fall season is a great almost dark beer.

I have never enjoyed a dark dark beer so I loved this happy medium between the two. It is the perfect marriage between a pale ale and a very dark beer. Making this beer ideal for all our amazing holiday plans and meals. All this cold weather we need something more for slower drinking not a thirst quencher that should be nice and pale and chuggable.

It is a lovely caramel smooth beer with a great hops taste with a great selection of citrus fruits on the palate. It is a great compliment to the heavy meals of Fall. A great cleanser after a creamy soup and amazing with a great gravy. This paired with some great poutine would be the best display of Canadian life. No jokes.


To say the least this will be a great Foghorn India Brown Ale brew from Stanley Park Brewery is going to be a ideal for all my birthday dinner. I can’t wait to enjoy a few smooth cold ones – to be honest I will be pairing mine with a fondue tonight and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Nothing better than a perfectly paired beer with all the nibbles you could hope for in all kinds of ways. Since this beer is so adaptable I know it will be up for the challenge too.

Check out Stanley Park Brewery for all their amazing brews – if you want a couple other great beer suggestions hit up the Sunsetter or Windstorm!

Cheers to you all and a happy birthday to me!


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