Gift 'ems

With so many of us travelling the world, and so many of our cities being so diverse it is always fun to find new ways for kids to celebrate both while collecting at the same time. A simple and easy way for you to create mementos for your little ones while you travel or they travel with you or to showcase the glorious diversity in your family with your little ones. Which is why I am loving this new toy: Gift ’ems™ by JAKKS toys!


These adorable little things are great for your little ones to collect and trade. They are so cute and each one represents a different country and gives a small peak at the place they come from. Plus they come in the sweetest little boxes that are a great way to store all these cute little dolls.

Each little Gift ’ems comes with their own little box, their own unique look AND you can even switch the looks around however you like! The more you collect, the more options you have for outfits and hairstyles. Even better yet, soon enough they will also have playsets perfect for enjoying the little dolls for more than just collecting and styling.


Nothing better than a fun toy that is great for all kinds of little girls from all different kinds of backgrounds. It is a great way to celebrate yourself and to show your friends you care with a great gift idea! Following them on their Facebook page is a great place to get introduced or to find great coloring sheets for your little ones to fall in love with!

Tell me which Gift ’em™ would you want??


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