Whiffer Sniffers

School is here, it has started, there is no denying it. The crowds are insane at the malls and the supplies are flying off the shelves as always. My boys are starting to want things that are more than just the average supplies, they want some character. Something that is proving hard when I want to save on our budget and use hand me down items as much as I can.

I can’t get hand me down everything though and my boys need a little splash of their own in their supplies. I mean we need to make sure that they are getting a chance to speak up for what they want and to like a few things of their own. I am trying to get them to be their own people and to have thoughts and opinions for themselves. I find that my boys are too closed in and a little shy when it comes to springing forth to show the world who they are. One little creative item at a time I hope will help them show the world what they are made of.

I thought a fun way to open them up a bit this school year was to get a couple dangly decorations for their backpacks, backpacks that they will be reusing from last year that I know need a little something to spruce them up. I mean I need to get them a little excited about the school year… especially when this year I will not be getting them new bags.

I came across these super fun smelly little friends I knew both my boys would love: Whiffer Sniffers. Yes, you can tell just how hilarious they are based off the name alone and they are cute as heck to boot!

Whiffer Sniffers

You can find these smelly little buddies in tons of different scents and in any Toy r Us location. You can find scents like strawberry, pizza, popcorn, donuts, blueberries and even mixed fruit scents! You are bound to find something for your scrumptious little one to enjoy!

Which Whiffer Sniffer would you get your little one?


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