Summer holiday

There’s never much rest when you’re planning a break with children! Parents who are seeking a relaxing Summer holiday may have to compromise. Kids are always chasing a new adventure and they want you to be involved too. You might as well make the most of it when they are still young. A vacation filled with activities will allow the family to bond and stay fit together. Here are a handful of exciting sport suggestions that you can all enjoy together this Summer.

Horse Riding

Getting in the saddle gives the family a chance to explore without getting tired legs! Children love animals and connecting with a horse is a great experience. Many holiday resorts will offer horse riding lessons and tours with instructors so you can all ride safely together. Going on horseback can uncover beautiful views of any holiday location. Pick quiet countryside parks or woodland for a relaxing, family-friendly hack.


If you prefer to do the walking, planning a series of hikes can ensure quality time is spent with the family. Children might not be initially enthusiastic about going on a long walk. Break up longer routes by including a nature hunt. Printing off a nature checklist will keep the little ones interested. They might end up wanting to go on more treks than you planned!

More adventurous families can even try mountain treks. Ensure the family is kitted out with the appropriate kit for more challenging walks. Good quality mountain boots and waterproof clothing is essential. Always pack lots of supplies for hungry tummies. Some basic first aid skills and a family kit will also come in handy for blisters or accidental scrapes.


If you’re heading toward the coast for your summer vacation, the whole family can try and catch some waves with a surf lesson. Available for thrill-seekers of all ages, a boarding afternoon will bring some excitement to a beach vacation.

Most reputable surf academies will provide a wetsuit hire service as they are an essential bit of kit for hitting the water. However, there are smaller surf accessories you will probably need to provide yourself. Rash guards can be worn alone or underneath a wetsuit for protection from abrasion and sunburn. You can usually get a great deal on rash guards before your vacation. Online retailers will probably offer better budget prices than the surf shops on the beach.


High Ropes Adventure

Not technically a sport but still bursting with fun! Agility courses do all the hard work for parents. They provide an afternoon full of team-work and high wire activity. Kids will love being up in treetops. Most courses also include a high zipwire for the ultimate thrill! What’s great about high ropes is they challenge the parents as much as the children. So you’ll have to encourage each other when navigating across the obstacles. The only downside is that younger children may not meet the minimum height requirements. This is definitely an activity suited to older children and teenagers. Summer is extra busy for outdoor centres so make sure you also book ahead to avoid disappointment!

Pokémon Go! & Geo-Caching

These super fun activities are a great way to get your family going out together and working as a team. Catching pokemon or enjoying a few great geo caches are a great way to bond as a family while doing something fun and creative. Geo-caching is especially great for the creative families who love to create and see the world through others eyes right in your own city. You can even geo-cache worldwide making it an especially great way to find some common ground in new cities or while camping.

With so much to do you will never have a shortage of fun things to do on your Summer holiday!


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