Father's Day

Father’s Day is supposed to be a time where we celebrate our fathers and the fathers of our children. A task so many of us enjoy and many more take for granted. If Father’s Day is a beautiful day for your count yourself lucky to have those male figures in your lives and those of your kids.

My father wasn’t that amazing and has since passed which makes this day a very bittersweet and slightly resentful day. It is hard for me to see all the happiness when there rarely was any between my father and I towards the end. Each year though it is starting to get easier and easier to focus on the other men in my life. Those who need and have earned being celebrated.

My hubby for always being here no matter how hard things get. For always being in my boys corner and to his dad for always being here to lend the helping hand we need far too much – for my step dad who was always there for me when my dad wasn’t. This life has been a crazy ride I can’t deny it but I wouldn’t change who I have met along the way for the world.

Father’s Day should always be a wonderful time for everyone not just dads. Just like mothers day. We are to make it a happy time of appreciation which is hard. Sometimes it is hard to see the good through the jaded lives we have lived but this year I am making a massive effort to make sure that I am focusing on the good. That I am focusing on the ones I love and the ones who love me and my sweet boys.

How will I focus this Father’s Day??

  1. I will focus on the little things. For they are really the most important – those small precious, fleeting moments.
  2. I will take down my wall one moment at a time and yes hold my tongue when my instinct is to be sad.
  3. I will love more deeply, cause that is all you can do sometimes.

Father’s day can mean so much more than sad memories, if you let it.  How will you make it through Father’s Day?


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