When it comes to needing help us moms are the queens of not being able to ask for it. We slave all day through gritted teeth, hoping to ease our families needs but ignoring our own. We find the idea of needing help to be a weakness and you know what ladies??

That is ridiculous. Totally and utterly ridiculous.

We, like so many other humans on this planet, need help sometimes. We can pretend we are Wonder Woman all we like – but it just isn’t so. We need babysitters, family support and friendship to see us through each and every hard long day. It does truly take a village but somehow we have forgotten that fact. It festers and sometimes we need that help to come in the form of a professional AND instead of feeling like, again ,that is a weakness we need to stand tall and grab that hand. Sometimes that help needs to come in the form of a professional AND instead of feeling like, again, that is a weakness you need to stand tall and grab that hand. We need to grab that hand with all we have.

As moms we have the innate ability to always offer the hand rather than accept it. We need to change that. We need to learn to say: “I need help.” Or do we need to maybe change our perspective??

I mean I am a woman who loves to have her cake and eat it too. Which is why, when I was in high school, I was very interested in psychology. With a couple AP psych courses under my belt, and knowing that I was raised by a psychologist as well as a paranoid schizophrenic, it is no surprise the idea of counselling others has been in the back of my mind. The idea of helping another or myself through the struggles they live and I have lived, sounds great right?

I always thought a Diploma of Counselling would be something that I could really see myself pursuing. For once I could feel like offering my hand to help another would be more solid, I almost feel like I could even give myself a helping hand. Maybe the real helping hand us moms need is ourselves.


Maybe we all need to help ourselves by learning more about helping others. Through helping others we learn more about ourselves, our resilience and our ability to adapt in the worst of situations. We could learn so much about our world by learning more about ourselves, by connecting with yourself.

Would you ever consider taking a counselling course??


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