So my party this weekend was wild, WILD people.  I had such a great time, spent too much money and LOVED my costume!  I have to share photos with you as it is the only way to really convey what happened that night lol.

poison apple anyone??
my poison apple punch, alien fingers, mummy dogs and edible ashtray
in this picture you can see the batwings and puking pumpkin and pumpkin brains!
the living room
an end table
specimen jars and candles on our bookshelf
out on the deck the chaos
my gf and I

An evening of pure fun just for my birthday, what a great night!!



  1. Your costume is awesome! Looks like such a fun time!

  2. Your costume is so WONDERFUL! I love it xD

    And it looks like you can throw quite the raging party! You did such a wonderful job on all the creative food and decorations 🙂

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