As you saw on Friday Stanley Park Brewery helped me out with creating some amazing Beer Candied Bacon! It was amazing and I knew just what I had to do with it and I knew it was going to be amazing. Beer Cupcakes with Beer Candied Bacon Maple Frosting!!!


Don’t get me wrong these types of cupcakes have been made before but I knew I could create a fun variation of the recipe using Sunsetter to make it a truly unique experience. It was going to be a fun evening of kitchen experimentation to say the least. I had to do my research so I hit the books and read up on adding beers to cake recipes to see what hubby and I could come up with. We figured if we picked two and each made one it would go faster and work better so that’s what we did.

Mine was horrific. His worked. Sooooo without further adieu I give you to the recipe we created that didn’t fail!!!


Needless to say this was one of the best times I have ever had baking and experimenting in my kitchen. It was so much fun to play around with this great beer and have a bunch of fun making this beyond delicious cupcake recipe. This is a major crowd pleasure folks, and something you really need to try for yourselves to truly understand the pure awesomeness that is this cupcake-beer-bacon combo.

Make these for Father’s Day and I bet you will have him bowing down!

What would you bake with beer??



  1. Omg I tried these FINALLY – took me a while and WOW just WOW soo good

  2. Great photos and I can’t wait to try these!!

  3. WOW these are even better looking than I anticipated!

  4. I am going to be making these for sure asap

  5. I have to admit that I really just love your kitchen! I wish I wasn’t vegan!

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