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My days have been so busy these days, but I am happy to report that they haven’t been busy with awful things. You know when you are a parent and you seem to be running around none stop for everyone but yourself?? Well I have stopped doing that. One of the wonderful things I spent my time doing last week was enjoying a wonderful day trip adventure with Stanley Park Brewery all throughout Stanley Park here in Vancouver. One of the worlds most beautiful parks and I happen to agree but I had no idea just how much it had to offer.

I spent the day riding trollies, drinking the yummiest beers and playing games and food I have never tried before. It was a full day of first times for me and I got to spend it with some of the best media company around. They gathered a super fun group of people to cart around Stanley Park for one of the best media events I have been to in a really really long time. In fact I think this would make my top 3 media events of all time.

They completely spoiled us rotten, taught us so much history while we were gallivanting around that I never even knew and treated us to some amazing food. A great day to spend with friends and it really opened me up to all the amazing things you can do in Vancouver!

Lawn Bowling in Stanley Park

Did you know you can lawn bowl even though you’re not 80?? It’s true and the Stanley Park Lawn Bowling club is completely all inclusive too now! Back in the day not even women were allowed to play there – it was men only but boy how things have changed now and they welcome all walks of life, all ages with massive open arms. The folks there are all so kind they will even help you learn how to play without making you feel like a bother.

Stanley Park Pitch and Putt

I had no idea you could golf inside of Stanley Park and I bet a whole bunch of you had no idea either. To be honest I didn’t even know this part of the park existed, but I know I am not alone there. I was floored by how many people I’ve talked too also had no idea it was even there! I know a few golfers too and I was really surprised to learn that there was some green in their own city they hadn’t even tried out yet. Something a lot of them will be looking into this summer for sure including my hubby and me!

Stanley Park Cricket Club

I discovered something about myself on this day. I am not a cricket player. I have no skill at all when it comes to cricket and I barely if at all grasped any concept of the game. I seriously had no idea what was going on the whole time but thankfully neither did anyone else I was playing with so we all just fumbled through having a ton of fun goofing around. Of course we were being spoiled being able to goof around on this historical cricket area, declared one of the most beautiful in the world by someone I cant’ remember at this point in time. We were getting a lot of information and I was desperately trying to get a hold on the rules of cricket.. failed at that too I should have focused on the name information clearly.

Picnix in Stanley Park

Did you know you can order a wonderfully romantic picnic dinner in Stanley Park?? You can and you need to do this and it is amazing. They even give you some games to play while you are nibbling on their amazing bites and sipping away on their delish lemonade. Of course we were so spoiled we had beer to go along with our nibbles in the park before we got into the game of cricket. They even mentioned doing an English Bay dinner service that would be timed perfectly with the sunset – what an incredible idea and at only 40/person for dinner its a steal of a deal too!

Old Caddy at the Hollow Tree

Now this isn’t something you can get on the everyday but were were surprised with an amazing look at a hand cranked Cadillac at the famous Hollow Tree in Stanley Park. The car itself was one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen and the horn was a hilarious clown like sound that I just loved. It was the coolest thing in the world and he even gave the engine a go so we could see it in action. It was really neat.

Stanley Park Pavilion

To end off our amazing day trip adventure with Stanley Park Brewery we headed to the Pavilion for beers and bites along with some great mingling with the great people at Stanley Park Brew including the brewmaster Todd himself. They put out a variety of beers paired with nibbles to perfectly compliment each brew and they blew me away. The pairings were amazing and my favorite hands down was the duck. This gorgeous space was great for entertaining all of us and the staff were so helpful and incredibly handsome not gonna lie.

It was an amazing adventure and I can’t wait to do it again sometime!

What do you love to do in Stanley Park?



  1. I have to admit it I have never golfed either!!

  2. WOW am I ever jealous this looks like so much fun and I cant wait to see that recipe you’ve been talking about

  3. That car though WOW that is something super special consider yourselves soo lucky to get up and personal with that beauty!

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