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I am always on the lookout for awesome nerdy things for my boys and like most mothers I have zero time to go out and look for those things. Hell I don’t even have time to look for cool stuff online much anymore. So when Nerd Block landed in my email I knew this was something we needed in our lives. Something I didn’t have to handle, I just paid and moved on with my life while my boys both get goodies in the mail to feed their nerdy frenzie!

The best part??

Mommy can get a box for herself to keep her happy and covered in Dr. Who goodies!! These Nerd Blocks are amazing and they have soo many different ones you can order. For us we got the boys Jr ones to give them a whirl and see how we liked it.

But they also have Jr girls, Classic Nerd Block, Scifi Nerd Block (my fav), horror Nerd Block, and lastly Comic Nerd Blocks. There is something for everyone and I know they will not disappoint.

Nerd Block Nerd Block

When our boxes arrived we were all thrilled to rip them open and see what we got and we were not disappointed! My boys got their very own pop doll, something I have been collecting but wont let them touch, guardians of the galaxy mini bobble head collectibles, star wars tattoos, finger rock em sock em robots game AAAAND some incredible slick sand.

All of the items were immediately ripped from my hands to be enjoyed by my kids… my kids who are now covered in star wars tattoos and fighting via finger robot warfare.

They’re having a blast.

Which Nerd Block item was my favorite??

The cool slick sand!  It is sand that doesn’t get wet buuuuut you put it in water!!!! I can’t even comprehend it but it is really fun to play with and I have already ordered more of the stuff, a great thing to add into you kids water table, just saying.

I even have a tip for all of you who are thinking about getting this for the first time, you can enter the code NERDYBIRD20 to get 20% off your first Nerd Block Classic or Nerd Block Jr subscription. So you can get some more bang for your buck to try them out. Which is great since these boxes are already super affordable at about $13 bucks a box. Small price to pay for finding cool new stuff.


IF (this is a big if cause I love everything they send) you receive something you or your kids aren’t terribly into. Keep it packaged, put it in the closet and add it to your gift stash for birthdays throughout the year. Say you get two, one for each kid but wont use all the tattoos in it for example keep the extra pack for later could be a great thing to add to a star wars fans birthday gift! pssst you only have 2 days and 9ish hours to order yours for JUNE!!!

Which Nerd Block would you get???




  1. I love nerd block!! I get the horror one heeheehee

  2. If I were going to get one of those I would be with you on the scifi block for sure! Totally adding this to my wishlist!!

  3. I wish there were unisex kid boxes my boys love MLP!!

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