Okay so I have been having the laziest weekend, just staying in the house cleaning and snuggling I have been loving it lol.  Anyways I am hear to talk about those hair extensions that my wonderful girlfriend put in for me.  I got em off ebay and was struggling to find a way to put them in on my own with success.  SSOOOOO she came over the other night to have some dinner and i showed em to her and next thing I know I am putting them in properly!  I was stoked, honestly never had stuff like this when i was a girl, well i’m sure they did but i was in west van being raised by a single father.  My “girly-ness” was deeply lacking lol… not to mention out in West Van all that stuff is greatly delayed by meddling stay at home moms… you know what I am now lol!! So how about I get to it and show you the photos I took yesterday after dolling myself up of course lol!

can you see em?? I put in a blue and a white one on either side, like little surprises in your hair!

you can see em better here.

I am really loving the blue these days it seems lol, gonna be a blue christmas!

Aren’t they just awesome?? Jealous??  HA!! I can’t wait to get more and have them all the time lol, even if i’m an embarrassing mother lol; I do what I want lol!

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