I know I am not alone in this. I know I am not the only parent that creates opportunities of blissful silence for themselves by turning on Netflix. No misters I am not. We have all been there, a long long day of non stop comings and goings and the precious moments you have to sit down are always being destroyed by the little invaders of the house.

You are tired.

You are emotionally spent.

You just want some silence.

You look around the room for some miracle, a moment of clarity hits you and you see the remote off in the horizon. Angels start to sing and the remote adopts a heavenly glow to it as you slowly reach your toes towards it. Face it you are too tired to even sit up so you’re using your feet.

You turn the TV on and the sweet hum of the Xbox fans begin the process of pure peace.

But now you have another problem… what on earth are you going to watch… and what, pray tell, will the devil spawn agree on?

Lucky you I have a list of great picks for your kids to stop fighting over, these are the shows I can put on for my kids that wont induce instant fighting.

Spongebob Squarepants on Netflix


This bunch of wierd (originally an adult cartoon) is a major crowd pleaser in my house and has been since the kids were 5! This goofy sponge with bizarre sidekicks keeps my boys in stitches long enough for me to enjoy a hot cup of tea and even clean something. I know I am so spoiled!!

Naruto on Netflix


Not exactly something most households watch but my boys and I love this show, there is a ton of it on Netflix and I am guilty of watching it even when they aren’t around. Filled with adventure and feats of bravery none of us can get enough. Only time we fight is when we cant agree on a fact about the show: “No but Naruto said this last episode!!!”

Keeps me on my toes, keeps them asking the good questions about honor and adds that element of magic all kids need.

In the end I have to say thank you to Netflix for beginning the journey of streaming TV and movies, thank you so much for no parent would have a hot cup of coffee in the morning if it wasn’t for you and your amazing abilities to keep us entertained since 2007!

What shows can you rely on to keep the kids out of you hair and to ensure you get a hot cup of anything?!


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