yoga for kids

My boys are a bit wild sometimes and to be honest I find it hard to keep up with them and or keep them from fighting one another on a bad day. I have always tried my best to help them find coping mechanisms to help them deal with those pent up feelings but since we have moved into our new house and I have started my new job this has become hard. I hate to even say that it was one of the last things on my to do list.

But then I got an email from someone and I knew I needed to get back to it. Yoga. Yoga for kids is an awesome little book to help you and your little ones find that breathing space together while learning to deal with those emotions like: anxiety, stress and anger. I mean my boys are always on the run. With school and way too much lacrosse outside of school we are always running around and sometimes it is hard to transition. This is where my yoga idea comes in. When we are coming in from activities that are keeping us a little hyper or on edge I want to take the time to sit with my boys and giggle together as we stretch it out so to speak.

Yoga For Kids has a great way to do that with your little ones WHILE teaching them their letters (not that my boys need to brush up on that BUT its always good for my youngest). Using the alphabet and a variety of their favorite animals the author Teresa Anne Power has created this amazing book to make yoga approachable for kids.

yoga for kids

Since starting back up again it has been great I have to admit it. I have decreased at home fights and meltdowns by about 65% which is HUGE as a mom to two boys who love to argue like their father.  Our little yoga breaks in between our activities have helped us transition a lot more smoothly which means we all get to mentally prepare for whats next after we have fully relaxed our bodies and minds.

With so much going on in our lives these days don’t we owe it to ourselves to calm our minds from time to time. Everything keeps flowing even if you don’t do the dishes, even if you don’t get to practice. You don’t need to be perfect, just breathe and be happy together!



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