So I have found a new beer that I really love. That I love unexpectedly to be honest as it is the only fruit beer I have had that I like. I can tell you I am a picky girl when it comes to my beers and this one totally floored me with just how good it tasted.

A nice light beer with a hint of peach and they go together amazingly – it is a crisp drink that is almost more like a cider than a beer. It is so yummy and can go with so many yummy things. I mean you can’t have beer without snacks and that’s a fact!

With a gorgeous color to boot and its refreshing taste this is probably the best option for an after work on a super hot day brew. For all you roofers out there grab some of these for your buddies it will honestly quench their ever dying thirst on those hot days holding a blow torch. Trust me on this they are a must try and just think of all those delicious things you can eat with it or hell even make incorporating this divine summer ale.

Need some great ideas for how you could enjoy this fruity fresh summer ale?? Here is a list:

  • With friends over some amazing cheese, cause what do we love more than good beer – Irish girls??! CHEESE this would be a great contrast with spicy things too!
  • Alone and in your bathtub while you hide from the screaming family members on the other side of the door.
  • With your feet up while sitting in the sunshine on your deck after you’ve sent all the kids to practice, the grandparents or hell school! Nothing wrong with a brew with your lunch in my honest opinion.

So many amazing ways to really soak up the happiness from this Stanley Park Brewery summer ale.

Cheers everyone and let me know what you think of this brewsky!



  1. Those are incredible images way to go!

  2. WOW you take really great pictures, they really make me want one! !

  3. oh yum! peach and beer, i agree i dislike the orange ones but WOW peach would be good!

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