Bullying is something that has effected us one way or another. All of us at one point has been bullied and felt like they have been bullied. I don’t care who you are, we have all felt it. When you are a parent it is something that happens even between mothers and something you hate to see happen to your little ones. Which is why I love what Tad is doing with his program Bullying Ends Here where he has dedicated his life to spreading the word about bullying. Teaching kids how to think before they act and think before they bully someone – to be a better person.

‘Bullying Ends Here’ is a one hour presentation for youth or adults and aimed at all forms of bullying including cyberbullying. ‘Bullying Ends Here’ is requested around the world for its award winning presentation and proven results to not only change lives, but save them!” bullyingendshere.ca

Kim Radons loved this initiative so much she created an amazing new brand Accept Me that supports breaking the barriers of social marginalization through awareness and education. Donating a part of their proceeds to Bullying Ends Here and Boys ClubNetwork!


Great looks for a great cause plus they help start a conversation and that is how we can all work together to be better human beings. How we can always strive to treat each other with even more kindness and to be mindful of how we treat others.

With our kids being online so much and basically always being at each others finger tips this bullying has become more intense and more constant. Making this a huge obstacle for many of our youth these days – some don’t even survive it.Bullying Ends Here

Thanks to folks like Tad spreading the word and helping kids and even adults end bullying once and for all. Like I said before this is something that all of us have faced and all of us probably still deal with from time to time.

Stay strong out there people and ask for help!

Do you remember your kids first experience with bullying??


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