Science World

This Spring Break, thanks to the Healthy Family Expo and their sponsor Science World, we got the opportunity to check out their newest and coolest attraction right now: Body Works, Animal Inside Out!

I have to admit I am too much of a chicken to enjoy the Human version of Body Works but this I was super excited for. I could learn something new and show my morbid children some really cool stuff. Since I had a little one under the age of 7 they kept saying he may getĀ freaked out.

But they do not know my boys, they do not know just how morbidly cool they are. I mean I made sure they grew up with a healthy dose of Tim Burton. I got it covered no worries folks my boys LOVED it. They were enthralled from the beginning of the exhibit to the end… of course pointing out every penis they could along the way.

Kids… what can you do…

We even brought along one of my youngests little friends for a long day of fun all over Science World it was a great way to spend a day with the family and one of our little friends!

Look at all the awesome fun we had!

They all had a Great day and the best part was that they were beyond exhausted when they got home they all went to bed early! It was honestly the perfect day for us and the kids were so good all day and loved exploring and learning as always at Science World.

You have to check out their new exhibit and explore the seawall after your fun day with the family. Thanks so much again to Healthy Family Expo for hooking us up with this great connection!

Have you been to Science World Lately??


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