We all know that I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to review a few family games this s Christmas season; and this game that I am about to tell you about it by FAR my fav!  I really really enjoyed it, even more than my friends did I think.. probably why all my photos were blurry and horrible lol!!  Regardless that isn’t stopping me from being able to perform a wonderful review of a really cool game that straight up should be in every home.  I can’t wait till both my boys are old enough to play it… currently eldest isn’t keen on rules of games and youngest well… you’ll see why youngest can’t play it lol!!

The game Koob has an amazing history.  Filled with fire sides games between vikings all across many lands, can’t help but feel a little like a Viking at heart when you’re playing.  Brings out a very big personality too filled with fierce competition, like I said its AWESOME!

Our koob set!

Now Koob is a GREAT outdoor game, honestly it is really fun, but what I liked about it most?  Was the fact that it is PLAIN wood; you know what that means people?  You can paint it!  Wouldn’t that be an incredible gift a koob set for the family and something to do together not only to get exercise but to make your own and completely unique.  I was even tempted to paint the whole thing glow in the dark so that I could play it at night!  Wouldn’t that be a great way to spend an evening with friends??  Why should darkness stop you?!?!  It can’t if you painted it glow in the dark!!!

So I will give you a look here at the pieces of the set so you can see them all more clearly, as well as a rough idea on how to set the game up.  Now since I am horrific at instructions or dictating them again I went out and found a great video to explain EXACTLY how to play it. 

your set… see how easy this would be to paint??? paint it all white and then BAM give everyone in your family a piece and you’ve got a completely unique game!

see how the king is in the center there?  the skinnier posts are used as an outline, and the square blocks are set up in a line on each end of your “field.”

Now you have seen the pieces and the layout but how about we focus on how this game is played so I can show you just how much fun this game really can be.  Everyone we played it with just freaking loved it and they are all planning on getting a set… you know eventually lol; in the meantime I bet they will be harassing me to play all the time lol!.  I think that this GREAT game would be an amazing addition to your families Christmas!  Think you could make it the special gift for the one that finds the pickle in the tree!  That way technically it is for everyone lol!

Happy Tuesday everyone and don’t forget to enter our game giveaway for the holidays!

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