To the dad across the way woodworking with your daughter,

I can’t tell you enough how amazing it was to see you with your little girl refinishing that dresser together. It warmed my heart and reminded me of when my dad and I were on good terms.

When I was little and he was one of my everything’s. When he was spectacular and filled with things to┬áteach me.

Before he made mistakes and before I did.

My father and I would always be working on furniture together. Stripping down the old paint and refurnishing them to make them look amazing and show off the original awesome of the wood furniture prior to whoever had destroyed it. In fact all or most of our furniture was always found and refurnished.

I don’t think I ever had a new piece of furniture in my entire life and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. You know why??

Cause my dad and I spent time together creating the furniture we loved. They held memories for us and those are the things that I can’t replace and will always remember.

I doubt that you are working with her now thinking about the days when she will be without you and treasuring this small moment and you don’t even know it.

I hope you take the time to appreciate this time with your daughter, you may never get along this well again and I pray that isn’t the case – but treasure it. Treasure every moment she thinks you are a hero, do everything you can to live up to that expectation – she needs a hero.

And I hope you know that these days wither her this age, will be the closest you’ll ever be. Ever.


A daughter who misses her dad, when he was her hero.

What is the fondest memory you have with your father?


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