So i have been absorbed in a different world.. one of which has been created by Suzanne Collins.  I can’t stop reading The Hunger Games.  I have been stricken ill and my old friend suggested the series to me, the trilogy that I can no longer put down.  I can’t even begin to describe them other than; amazing.  I do have to get the audiobooks cause there is no way that I could possibly manage to keep my attention to writing with such a loud home, and the audiobooks just let me sit back and become completely enveloped in the world of Panem and of district 12.

I need to highly suggest you read/listen to this trilogy; I am on book three and i’m on the fourth day of reading/listening lol.  I would get on it too before March 23 2012 cause they’ve managed a movie!!!  I can’t wait but i love the books more than life right now.  In fact any of you crafty people out there that can manage to make me a “mockingjay” pin like that on the cover I would very much like to speak with you.  Katniss is my new hero even if she is completely clueless to love and men sometimes.  I very much love her. 

Anyways other than listening to my latest obsession I thought that I would remind you to go and enter my latest contest and ENTER ENTER ENTER!!! Thanks and hope you area all having a lovely week; I am finally on the mend and once I am done this third book I am sure i will be back here in no time. 

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  1. I just recently say the trailer for this movie and me, being the avid reader I am, had NO idea it was a series of books! The funny thing was my sister, who has NEVER been one to read, told me and the kicker: she has all the books already!

    I might have to put this on my to-read list 🙂

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