We have finally been making ourselves really at home here in our new home. The family is all back together and feeling great to have one another again – and I am grateful for the help and all this love this home has created for us. This week we have been getting busy putting up our wall art to help make this place really feel cozy and it has done wonders but I think we need to add something new, something JUST for this new house.

Canvas Factory knew I would need something a little extra spectacular for this new house of ours, our first house ever. So they suggested I check them out and we can partner up for a great giveaway for your readers! I was happy to oblige of course cause I want all your houses to look adorable and cozy too!!wall art

They have so many different options I honestly still haven’t decided what I am going to get done myself. You can create gorgeous collages, print on metal backs, create split canvas pieces of those amazing landscape images you have been collecting on the computer. Just think of all the thing you can have done. I am really torn between a family collage or a print of a sunset I have from sunset beach here in Vancouver.

There are no limitations if you can think it up you can create it with the folks at Canvas Factory their options are so cute and I want a few of each no jokes. I have thousands of images you can imagine and I would love to display them all but I really don’t think I have the wall space…


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A super personal and beautiful way to add a little something, somethin’ to your home that is totally unique to your family alone. Just think of how great a mothers day gift this could make too! the options are literally endless.

What picture would you get printed??



  1. I would have one of Alivia’s newborn photos printed. 🙂

  2. I would get a family pic printed

  3. I would get a family portrait printed if I won

  4. I have a favourite photo from when DD was a few months old that I love, and would likely get it printed, though, there are a few others that I really like too. It would be tough to decide.

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