Stockings… the last thing you shop for when it comes to the holidays and always one of the hardest.  It is hard to decide what you want to do with each stocking.

Do you theme them?

Do you fill them with smaller components of their larger gifts?

Do you stick to toiletries?

Do you pull gag gifts?

For our house we like to go for a mix of a few things; honestly a little of all the above things but mostly go for toiletries.  We love a nice super full stocking come Christmas morning, I mean… they are our way of sneaking in that extra bathroom break or cup of coffee before the real mayhem begins.  Since we love to add all things bath time to our stockings I made sure to find something a little extra special this year.

Year after year it is hard to stay fresh when it comes to the same themes but this year something way to cute to pass up made its way into my inbox and I just had to share it with you.  SoapSox, an adorable new way to get clean that will have everyone all smiles and covered in bubbles!

Ray_wht__28619.1411520350.700.500These super cute little guys are just great!  They get super sudsy in the tub and keep the little ones super entertained.  You have no idea how happy my little dudes will be when they find out they can take this stuffy into the tub with them.  They are made from Terry cloth which makes them machine washable and super great at creating a good lather.  All you have to is feed your little buddy some soap and he stays sudsy the whole bath time!


Look at how cute these little bath buddies are!!   There is an adorable selection of little buddies for your little one to choose from that they will just adore.  Another great thing about these little guys is they are antibacterial to boot making them clean and a great option for a long term bath time toy.  For really little ones this is a great idea for helping distract your little one and keep them happy when they get fuzzy.  How can you not smile when you see this little guys!?  You can even buy these little guys at all Sears locations for $14.99!!

What do you put in your kids stockings??


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