I am not normally someone who does a good DIY (which is odd how I ran into this Upcycled Dry Erarse Board business) but this one honestly fell into my lap.  Well… it showed up in front of me on a lane cruise of a walk.  I have to admit I love to take a walk through the neighborhood looking for hidden treasures.  Not something everyone finds endearing about me believe you me but once in a while I come up with a really great find.

Recently I found one of those in a simply elegant empty picture frame someone had tossed away.

I know right??  How could someone do that to this wonderful little picture frame, It was a great size, minimal wear and tear and a great rustic golden finish to it.  I was in love and I had to rescue it for one project or another.  I sat, it sat and we both waited for me to be hit with inspiration.

“What will you be?!” I patiently glared at the thing… “what will you be…” then… BAM!  It hit me and it was super easy; so I gathered my tools.

Upcycled Dry Erase Board - Mumfection I cleaned up my frame thoroughly making sure there were no icky bugs, webs or grime.  Thankfully I was blessed and clearly got to this before a bad storm did.  It cleaned up great with perfectly clear glass with no imperfections.  All I had to do was flip it over, measure the glass size, cut my card stock appropriately and place it into the back and lock it into place using the frame pegs it still had.

From there I flipped it back over and DONE!  I had my very own portable brainstorming Upcycled Dry Erase Board that I could either take with me around the house or hang up on the wall wherever I wanted.  I can even change the paper on the inside as I feel though I prefer the clean white look and using a wide variety of colors.  Another great idea is getting neon dry erase markers and using black paper as a background.  Whatever goes best with you and your style!

Upcycled Dry Erase Board - Mumfection

When was the last time you upcycled something!?


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