Not very often do you meet a children’s book that you adore and can read over and over again.  A children’s book that you want to pass down through the generations of your family.  If you think about what books come to mind when you think unforgettable and timeless only a few titles come up; one of which is Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  A book that every child I know, including myself grew up loving night after night.

Well everyone…

She has a brand new book out: A Celebration of the Seasons – Goodnight Songs, and it is just magical.  Truly a book of pure beauty and love I can’t even begin to tell you.  My youngest has fallen head over heels with it and I have officially been able to memorize most of the songs the first of which was his favorite: Advice to Bunnies.  Which also happens to be my favorite to sing cause it is beyond adorable and paired with pictures of bunnies so cute you’ll squeal.

With its vast collection of incredible illustrators you can see the love that was really put into this book after her passing.  It is such a shame that such an amazing legend has left us but what a beautiful collection of work for us to remember her by.


Add this to your Christmas shopping list for those special little ones in your life.  I can’t tell you enough how much they will love it and you will love the joy it brings to them.  After all sharing with them the classics shows them what great taste we have.  Really show them how the thought really counts when it comes to gifts this year.

I am thrilled to be adding this to our nightly routine for sure. The songs are amazing the drawings even better and the giggles we share together are priceless.

Tell me the last time you read Goonight Moon.


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