Mr. Peabody and Sherman have been in my life for years and years… you know cause I am super old.  I used to love Rocky and Bullwinkle and of course that is what Dudley Do Right and Mr. Peabody were attached to.  Back in the day when one cartoon actually meant a collection of cartoons.

Perhaps it was us with the attention span issues not the kids these days.

When they brought it back with the movie I was completely thrilled and I totally loved it.  Our awesome friends at Netflix even have the movie right now, but you know what else they have done??

They have turned the awesome show into a great TV show for kids, something that is super educational too which I love.  It is a great way to have a fun little history lesson and bring up topics about history with the kids in a super fun way.  I mean who doesn’t like the idea of traveling through time to discover past events in history.  To watch them unfold as an observer and watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman try to stay out of trouble.


From talk show to jumping in the Way-back to going way back in history this show really has a great approach to helping get kids interested in history.  The best way for us to not repeat our past mistakes is to learn from them and this is a nice gentle way to show the kids the importance of learning about history.

The new animation for this show is great too managing to pull of that vintage feel but still with a fresh look to bring in a new crowd.  It manages to keep both old fans and the new generation of fans super happy, educated and definitely entertained.

Now if only we could all have a Way-back…


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