As some of you have noticed I have been on a rather large shopping kick recently.  I have been making a little extra money blogging and definitely been taking advantage of that.  Which I think is fine especially when everything, once I have hunted it down, is dirt cheap in all respects.  Recently I found this GREAT Canadian clothing company that, no joke, is just AWESOME!  They are relatively new to the scene (November 2011) but they have created this AMAZING spring line that got its inspiration from “Nautical Romance” so you can just imagine the great romance novel kinda stuff you will be finding here like this great piece:

This to me is just to die for with its great kimono style heehee I have to say I really really want this.  I am pinning it too just to be safe, so make sure to follow me on Pinterest so you can see em all!!

I have to say that I love the look of the soft fabric and I love the color on her with that pale skin tone like mine.  They have so many things and all of them are light and flowing, I can definitely see the theme of the ocean throughout it, all would be amazing in a sea breeze.  Which, again, is very romance novel of them!

I love Canadian companies that go out of their way to be creative with their style and fabrics.  They use 100% silks which is just divine and silk is a natural heat regulator – cooling in summer and warm in winter – and absolutely perfect for sleep wear! Especially in Spring when the night temperatures fluctuate and are unpredictable at times.  Did you know that silk is naturally hypoallergenic?  Which is soothing for sensitive, dry or itchy skin, AND silk is also inhospitable to dust mites and naturally fire retardant!  All of these are GREAT excuses to start looking at silk in a more favorable way… definitely worth that lovely bit of luxury!  Imagine a night where you’re nightie isn’t too hot or not hot enough, I can’t even begin to describe how silk bed gear would be EPICALLY incredible.  Even more so when the stuff looks like this:

They make is soooo hard to want their stuff right???  This one in particular is the same color as my prom dress.  Which I still have and I still love.  I keep meaning to donate it to the Cinderella project but every time I do I am either too early or just too late for donation collections.

I have to say that I am going to be putting one of these two items on my Christmas list and maybe,  just maybe I will get it from Santa.  I mean Santa would get me silk everything right?? I am also planning on e-mailing this post to my hubby cause well ya never know we might win the lottery here before Mothers Day!  Not gonna lie THESE ARE TO DIE FOR, you should check out their Fall collection too O.M.G. is it luscious! 

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