As all of you know I had a geektacular time at Fan Expo Vancouver this year: taking in all the sights and buying up all the things!!  This year was super busy with, what felt like, double the people there was last year.  Which means there was going to be double the awesome cosplayers and double the chances at meeting some great people and really loose myself in the whole culture behind one of these events.

But we have already talked about all the awesome people that I saw come out to Fan Expo Vancouver this year.  This time around I want to talk about the few little things I bought for myself and my hubby at Fan Expo.  I have to admit it was beyond hard to walk out of there with as little as I did for myself.

I did this mainly cause I spent WAY too much on my children.  Something all mothers are forever doomed to do, always buying for others and never buying things for themselves.

To celebrate all of us ladies taking a moment to spoil themselves I decided I would flaunt some of the awesome things that I found for myself.  Also the ONE really awesome item I got my hubby cause well it is just that incredible.

You see what I mean by totally too cool not to share with all of you?!!  I mean you can all pass on seeing the mountains of minecraft stuff I got for my boys but this, this shirt needed to be shared.  Both him and I love Archer and I couldn’t leave Fan Expo behind without buying this off one of the amazing t-shirt vendors there.  They literally have something for everyone, EVERYONE.  I wanted about 10 different ones and decided I couldn’t decide on a which one I wanted more and totally gave up.  I had spent a good hour looking at them.  I am very indecisive.

FanExpoSWAG_post_002My sweet little Manolo had to come home with me.  I saw him and immediately fell in love, which was a hard thing to do considering it was when I was holding their baby Groot Funko doll.  How could I pass him up!??! With that sweet smirk of his he knew that I was going to take him home and add him to my sugar skull Jack and Sally Pop dolls I got last year!  I am going to need create some creative shelving in order to house, what I suspect, will end up to be a very large collection of dolls for mommy.


Then there was this amazing woman.  This incredibly hilarious and deviously cute woman who had some of the most hilarious items I had ever seen.  I also couldn’t leave Fan Expo without these two beautiful additions for my fridge.  Though they will prove to be an awkward conversation when my kids can finally read in full… or better than they can now.  Totally going to be worth it and will go along with the conversation about my “Jane likes Dick” magnet… yeah highschool.

I love these magnets, honestly there is nothing you could say that could make me love them less and I love to show them to everyone!! I am awesome, loud and open like that!

I can’t wait to share with you other great vendors I managed to find at Expo this year!!


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