I have to say that this year has to have been one of the best years in terms of cosplayers and crowd numbers.  Each and every day I was there was wall to wall people and just filled with so much energy!  There is really nothing better at all than a weekend at fan expo and one of the main reasons is because of all the amazing cosplayers that attend.

This year there were so many great ones, and of course some of our returning classics who have clearly added on or improved their costumes since 2014.  Making them, as always, an amazing site to see.  Check out some of the amazing people I saw this year:

With so many people attending you can guarantee to see all your favorites.  The above just happened to be my favs from this year, shame some of them are still blurry but it is hard when standing against flowing traffic to take the photo.  Trust me you feel like a salmon going up stream, it is incredibly exciting.

The fact that these people put so much time, thought, effort, tears and sweat into their costumes is a huge testament to how big of a fan these people are.  There was even a group of about 9 deadpools walking around together shopping it was one of the best things ever.  I also have to mention a way better contrast to the swarm of zombies I encountered in October.

Another favorite of mine was the poor person in the apple jack costume.  They looked like they were having such a hard time walking around and seeing.  Thankfully there was someone there to steer him along.

As always Fan Expo Vancouver was an amazing time.  I can’t wait to share even more of my highlights, including what I bought…. though my kids have already opened all their things I will show you what I walked away with and what I got for hubby and do my best to collect what I got for the kids together.

I saw and spent way to much this year.  And it was a great year!


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