This up coming weekend isn’t just excited because of the fact that the Easter bunny is paying a visit.  Oh no.  For the people here in Vancouver have something else to celebrate, something spectacularly geeky and awesome: Fan Expo Vancouver!  Each and every year I go to this and I love it that much more every time I attend.  I love getting to know amazing artists, grabbing some awesome geek swag and of course interviewing celebrities when I am lucky enough!

2015 is going to be an awesome one for Fan Expo, their celebrity line up is beyond incredible and I can’t wait to meet some anime celebs this year.  I have to admit I have been studying up on other genres I don’t normally look into and basically all channels of geekiness I could.  I have completely fallen in love with all of it of course and am even more obsessive and geeky than I was in 2014.  It is a great era to be a nerd my friends, for it is glorious.

Previous years have been so good to me with all the great experiences, gorgeous costumes and awesome people to meet.  There is honestly never a dull moment at expo, I always spend the entire weekend there enjoying all the sites and sounds and believe you me I am always finding something new with each lap.  Things are always changing and the kids just love it, some of the families you see there are in group costumes really making a day of it.  The incredible cosplayers here in Vancouver always pull out all the stops and come to really impress.  They love to take photos as well of course but make sure you are polite and courteous, they deserve a break and some downtime as much as you do at the expo.

What are some of my must sees for this years Fan Expo??

  1.  The Celebrity Q&A with Jennifer Morrison!  I mean I need to know things about Once Upon a Time… all the things!  You can bet someone will ask how great a kisser hook is and I would LOVE to know, I mean I am only human.JenniferMORRISON400X400B
  2. The Celebrity Q&A with Carrie Fisher… I don’t think I need to explain why.  Just to be in the same room with her is enough, you can get I will be waiting in line for this.
  3. The Celebrity Q&A with William Shatner… again I don’t need to explain why.  He is just too awesome and hilarious, I can’t miss it.
  4. I do want to pop into the Vancouver Theatre Sports Improv, I think it would be fun to watch some improv again.  Last time I did that was in high school, course I was never very good on the spot usually.
  5. I also want to check out “How to pursue a career in voice over for animation and video games”, not going to lie I have kinda always wanted to do this.  I am just curious to hear what they have to say.

Have you ever been to something like Fan Expo??


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