So last night was the big event and it was honestly incredible.  There were awesome speakers, makeup stations, hair stations, nail stations, eyebrow stations, professional photo stations the list goes on and again it was freaking awesome!!  Then to top everything off they sent all us top bloggers home with the BIGGEST bags/trays of goodies, in fact I have discovered a new love for granola, as have my children.  Love Crunch, if you haven’t already discovered them, makes some of the yummiest coolest granola mixes I have ever seen.  I think I have carrot cake, red berries, the list goes on and I have about five different bags of it!  I guess it is a really good thing my kids are completely in love with the stuff.

On top of all this great stuff I have mentioned we also had MOV exhibits that we got to wander around and I have to say I was in love.  In love with the 60s and 70s era exhibits the most for sure but every exhibit had something AMAZING in them.  I will definitely have to make a point of going back cause it was really worth it.  

On top of all this wonderful-ness, there was so much I can’t manage to fit it all into this post, I got to meet some of my bloggies.  It honestly was really inpsiring to be with the group of mom bloggers, I had a great time rubbing elbows with everyone and giggling up a storm.  I have to say that hosted an incredible event that I can’t wait to be apart of again next year.  It was such an amazing opportunity and I wouldn’t have changed a moment of it.  Honestly perfect, you wanna see how perfect??

note hubby wont take pictures so this night was really special, I only have three pics of us together one being of our backs lol!

I want this red dress WANT!!

a room full of mommy bloggers!! EPIC

enjoying a quick nibble!


my fav picture EVER

1/2 of the goodies I got to take home!!

Can you tell that we had a good time? NO?!?!? well we did it was amazing!  If you haven’t gone to an event like this please for the love of God find one and GO, the experience will be irreplaceable!

p.s. I am really hung over and SOOO HAPPY daycare is all over for the week as of yesterday THANK GOD!

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