I know this has been one of the most anticipated of all my Victoria B.C. Vacation: #Escape2Victoria posts, where I talk about nothing but the FOOD.  I have a lot to talk about to top it off so I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be drooling by the end of it.

I will let you go get a healthy snack now.  Done??

Alright moving forward.

Now this is the first vacation I have ever been on where every single meal and cocktail AND beer was PERFECT.  I am talking beyond what my taste buds could even communicate to me.  So heavenly.  So I am just going to jump into all the delicious orgasmic goodness that were all my meals.

On the first night we arrived just after dinner time and we were HUNGRY but I didn’t want to eat something that would sit super heavy after a couple drinks and before going to sleep.  Thankfully we already knew where we were going to go and it was only downstairs from us!  With our comfy clothes on we headed down to the Hotel Grand Pacific’s lounge for something to eat and a drink or two.

2014-10-14 21.18.13 2014-10-14 21.19.20I ordered a quinoa salad and this divine piece of art is what they handed me, late at night to top it off!  I was very impressed and boy was it ever good.  I ate every last bite of that salad and BOY was that ever filling.  Seasoned beautifully with the ideal amount of light dressing.  This was the meal to set off my great meal streak and it was beyond tasty, so simple, so delicate and scrumptious.

The Hotel Grand Pacific’s Lounge was a great place wind down after wandering around Victoria, they made the best cocktails – all consistently made exactly perfect.  My favorite pick from all the cocktails I had would have to be this amazing thing they called a Pick Me Up.  Now I have had variations of this but theirs is hands down the best.  Tasted like a spiked frosted malt, if you know what a frosted malt is.  No idea if they have those everywhere.

2014-10-15 22.16.53It was a great way to end our first night in Victoria.  I was way too excited to get up the next day and head down to the main restaurant for breakfast, if this was any type of pre cursor I knew it was going to be something spectacular.

When I got up the next morning and we made our way down to breakfast we were greeted once again by the amazingly welcoming and accommodating staff and put right beside a great window seat looking out on the harbour.  It was lovely watching the boats, the misty rain fall and the fog billow as we tried to decide on what we were going to eat.

IMG_8552 IMG_8553Can you say SPLOOSH!?!

This was the best thing I have ever put in my mouth: Duck confit, two poached eggs, hash browns and whole grain toast.  It was divine and a honest to goodness pure indulgence, I as sure happy we were going to be having a big day out on the town so I had a chance to work it off.  Not that you can work off duck confit, but ooooh so worth it in every last way.  Paired with a great cup of coffee and I was in utter heaven.  To be honest the hardest part of my meal was getting up afterwards.

After a long day out we needed to get dolled up and head out to a great vegetarian place called Rebar for dinner.  The reviews on this place are crazy good and the lovely folks at the Hotel Grand Pacific recommended it very highly for vegetarian faire.  All I can say is I was FLOORED that there was no meat in anything that I ate.  Tasted just as indulgent as my duck confit from the morning.

2014-10-15 19.25.02 2014-10-15 19.27.09 2014-10-15 20.00.59 2014-10-15 20.14.29 2014-10-15 20.14.45You’re amazed just like me right??

I can’t tell you enough how great it was and paired with that amazing beer it was perfect.  The poutine with miso gravy was literally one of the best poutine’s I have ever had.  The brown butter gnocchi with fresh locally grown produce and some super thick balsamic vinegar.  So good I can’t even begin to tell you the amazing goodness that was this food, there was soo much to top it off and so filling I barely finished it.

The following morning was our last day in Victoria and I decided that it was going to be the day that I finally had my first ever eggs benedict.  Thanks again to Hotel Grand Pacific’s suggestion we had to bust a move and walk our way to this great spot call The Blue Fox Café.

2014-10-16 10.12.15 (1) 2014-10-16 09.45.18This little diamond in the rough was soo memorable.  It is VERY small but so eclectic covered in great décor that is super funky and fun feeling, clearly making the staff more cheerful cause all of them were so happy even with a line up out the door and small working environment.  These ladies are some very talented waitresses they deserve HUGE tips!

I decided to pair my brunch with one of their signature lychee mimosa’s which was so great and very refreshing thanks to the Prosecco in it.  Just what the doctor ordered for my heavy breakfast.  This eggs benny was probably the best eggs benny I will ever have, I bet that now I have ruined myself as nothing else will compare.  Thin toasted sliced bagels, THICK cut apple smoked local bacon, topped with perfect poached eggs and swimming in hollandaise sauce.  Just WOW.

It was the best end the one of the best vacations I have had the pleasure of being on.  I can’t thank Hotel Grand Pacific or Tourism Victoria enough for making it possible and just that much more amazing!

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  1. Mouthwatering to say the least! Looks and sounds like you had an amazing trip… and good eats! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

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