Victoria B.C. Vacation

It was time, Shaunna and I were ready, the kids were all taken care of and we were packed!! It was finally time to head off on our Victoria B.C. Vacation: #Escape2Victoria and we were just DYING to get there.  By afternoon our escape had been made and we were finally headed to the ferry.  Being super adventurous we were evening making this trip by FOOT people, this was going to be a CAR-LESS vacation!

Could you pull off a car-less vacation?

If you have never done this trip on foot I really suggest it, it was so simple Victoria is a great place to vacation without a car.  Yes even in the Fall, our Fall is so beautiful.

www.mumfection.comWith wind in our hair we sailed across the sea, totally managing our escape from the family – our much needed/deserved break.  We needed a rest and a couple days to pee with the door closed and we were already well on the road to relaxation riding the waves and taking in the view.

Once we arrived at our hotel (we hopped on a bus on the ferry which took us two blocks from our hotel) and walking up we knew right away this is going to be one luxurious stay at the Hotel Grand Pacific for our Victoria B.C. vacation.  We were warmly welcomed right away walking into the hotel, the staff are so cleanly put together and kind – great way to start off our stay at this beautiful hotel.  Of course once we got our room keys we ran upstairs to check out our accommodations before heading to their Lounge for a cocktail and some dinner.

Let me take you on a tour…

our comfy as hell beds
our comfy as hell beds

Such a gorgeous suite we were soo impressed and, not gonna lie, excited to sleep!  I mean those beds are heavenly they are truly amazing and you get four pillows each so I surrounded myself in this 1/2 circle of pillows.  Each way I turned I had a pillow for my head and a pillow to hug, it was pure bliss.

Suite At Hotel Grand Pacific

For some amazing reason there are two televisions in our room so if you are there with your hubby or your kids there is no cause for arguments on movies before bed!  The desk space was great for us, as we both had laptops and this provided a great place for us to house our computers while looking out onto the docks.  Granted we spent more time having fun and checking as much as we could out as possible than sitting to work, it was great when we needed it.

gorgeous bathroom
gorgeous bathroom

The bathroom was incredible with a HUGE tub, something I really miss as mine is ridiculously small in my honest opinion. There was ample of space for all the things Shaunna and I brought and I can tell you right now that there was a lot of makeup between the two of us.  Mirrors were EVERYWHERE in this suite it was great for the both of us no fighting over space getting ready and lots of great storage space to help us keep everything nice and tidy.  I am sure the maids would say differently in terms of how tidy we are, but they should see our houses on a regular day.

Then, to put the cherry on top of our sundae, we had not one but two balconies to look out of in our room.  This gave us a wonderful view of both the harbor and the legislature building!  A wonderful place to stay, literally walking distance from it all and such perfect rooms for multiple types of vacationers.

Victoria B.C. Vacation
Our view from ONE of our suites balconies!

We immediately got comfy and got ready to head downstairs to their lounge for a little dinner and some cocktails, I mean how else were we going to ring in our vacation time right? (promise I am dedicating an entire post JUST on the food we ate, you’ll DIE). 

While we enjoyed our cocktails and dinner we planned looked over our maps and came up with a plan of what we wanted to do the following day.  Planning castle visits, hot tub time at the hotels facilities and really enjoying all Victoria B.C. vacation had to offer.   It was an amazing beginning to our vacation, relaxing and drink to jazz music and loving it.

When was the last time you went on a vacation with a friend??




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