I have to admit that I am, and have been for a while, going through massive withdrawals since Doctor Who ended. I am a tardis, doctor loving fool and I have been dying for the new season to start.  Thankfully for me I have the mommy power of Netflix and I have been able to snip my cravings in the butt by binge watching all the old seasons of Doctor Who.  Netflix has them all, each and every last one and it is glorious!

There is nothing better than lying back and letting the Doctor take you away on his many glorious adventures.  What I would give to be the next Amy Pond and Rory and fly away in the Tardis with hubby and the kids!  Well… maybe not the kids… hopefully the grandparents are okay with that.  After all we will be back in time for tea right?

This week I am so excited BECAUSE the doctor is landing once again!!! Totally and utterly thrilling, especially when this time around he is a Scotsman.  Perfection.

feef0d47d9411fbb5866d79c2e962c9fDalek-table indeed!  Though I will, like I missed David Tennant, miss this last Doctor Matt Smith – but I am also keen to have this one grow on me like the others have.  My attachments to each and every Doctor are for a totally different reason each and every time. For example:

The Tenth Doctor – I loved for his amazingly delicious and geeky good looks.  Whimsical spirit and ability to look really handsome when he is doing something a little on the dark side.

The Eleventh Doctor – I loved for his nurturing spirit.  He was the fatherly figure of my two favorite boys and gosh was he amazing with children.  He had a childish, playful spirit that I adored and will totally miss.  I also really couldn’t handle watching this man cry.  I ugly cry pretty much right on cue when he starts the water works.

So, if you need something to do at night like most of us parents do, I can’t suggest catching up on Doctor Who before the new season starts.

Don’t hesitate, Netlfix is waiting for you!


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